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Ignite Race Fuel vs.E85

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NASCAR meet ethanol world meet E85

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Inside this world we call Motorsports, NASCAR using ethanol seems to be a pretty hot topic these days. It garners the attention of audiences ranging  from mass media outlets, top government officials, green organizations, professional race car drivers, automotive enthusiasts, all the way to your stay at home mom who cares nothing about racing.

Is the interest due to the fact that NASCAR is one of the top racing series in the world and is looked upon for leadership? Is it because ethanol is biodegradable and significantly reduces harmful exhaust emissions? Maybe it’s because “going green” is the cool thing to do now and the trendy thing in today’s corporate society. Nobody truly knows the answer but surely all of these reasons play a part in what has NASCAR changing over to ethanol the latest hot gossip.

The focus should be finding out what ethanol race fuel means for Motorsports and the amount of  increased performance ethanol brings to racing. As the world knows, NASCAR is looking into using ethanol starting in 2011 and according to FoxSports, “Hendrick Motorsports is already testing the fuel and Roush Yates engines will start development with E15 in the next few weeks. According to RYE co-owner Doug Yates, the conversion is important to the sport.”

Very well stated Mr. Yates, the importance of this topic should be the impact that ethanol will have on performance of the professional driver and their vehicle. Being environmentally friendly is one benefit to ethanol, but is not the only thing that ethanol has going for itself. It is unfortunate the way that ethanol has been marketed to public and even worse how it has been introduced into the racing industry.

The most common misunderstanding is the actual definition of E85. Majority of people mis-use terms such as E98, E15, and E85. For example, when referring to E85, people automatically think whether pump fuel or race fuel, the fuel has 85% ethanol in it and 15% of something else, which is 100% WRONG. People including myself up until a few months ago, associated the term E with any number in reference to fuel in that manner, which is again NOT correct.

E-85 has been introduced to the world as a brand, when in all reality a top resource such as Wikiipedia states the definition clearly, ” E85 is an alcohol fuel mixture that typically contains a mixture of up to 85% denatured fuel ethanol and gasoline or other hydrocarbon (HC) byvolume. On an undenatured basis, the ethanol component ranges from 70% to 83%.”The importance of the above definition is that the ethanol content in E85 can range anywhere from 70% to 83%, depending on if it is a winter or summer blend. In turn, who knows what the other 17% to 30% is made of in E85. Manufacturers can mix almost whatever they want in E85,  pretty scary right? The reason that we hear all this controversy on E85 being inconsistant is well… because it is! E85 does NOT mean ethanol, E85 simply means there is ethanol blended with something else inside the fuel.

The next time you hear of an engine blowing up or hear horror stories about E85, just remember that ethanol was most likely not the cause. More than likely the problem was caused by the inconsistent deterrent found in that 17%-30% in E-85.

Consistency in horsepower as shown in the below video is definitely important  each and every time a professional driver goes to the track.

The word “ethanol” has become such a controversial subject… but why? The answer is ignorance, the lack of education and correct knowledge on what ethanol really is and the impact ethanol has inside on the engine. There is no one specifically to blame for this, only ourselves if moving forward we choose not to do a better job marketing and educating the motorsports world and ourselves on ethanol.

On behalf of the race industry, thank you National Biofuel Distribution for creating Ignite Racing Fuel. The world of Motorsports no longer has to question consistency or power gains with this ethanol based race fuel.

Source: Itzen News

Ignite vs. E85

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April 16th, 2010 Team Itzen captured exclusive footage as Ignite 108 was put to the test vs. E85 at Modified Auto Designs located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner of the popular Honda Civic VTEC, Gabe has been running E85 pump gas for quite some time now and to be honest, he was quite hesitant on having his Honda participate in the test. “It’s not that I am not worried about the quality of Ignite, it’s just that I am currently running E85 and I honestly don’t think there will be any difference between E85 and Ignite race fuel” he says. After a motivational talk by tuner and friend Jason Barrett, the Honda is on the dyno ready to go. First test was run on the dyno with E85 pump gas showing front wheel 210.9 horsepower. Next the E85 was drained from the Honda and switched to the 108 Ignite Race Fuel. With only a few short runs on the dyno and minimal tuning, they extracted 219.5 front wheel horsepower when using Ignite.  An 8.6 gain in horsepower on a naturally aspirated engine is incredible to say the least. What is the difference between Ignite Racing Fuel and E85? The difference is that Ignite yet again proves superiority… Read More

Ignite video shoot

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The day started early as the airport was cleared and people started arriving. A warm sun, 10 to 15 mph wind from the southeast, and vast opportunity awaited just around the corner. Several vehicles ranging from JDM drift legends like Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan 240sx, Hyundai Genesis, and Mazda RX-7 all there to tempt the likes of Converse municipal airfield. With a rough surface composed of broken concrete, gravel, and dead vegetation from winter, the drifting was quite spectacular.

The shoot wasn’t just a production event, everyone from the community chipped in too. An aircraft and vintage tractor showed up to help with the sets by help of local citizens in support of Ignite. A special guest appearance by the concept car Caccia, Dez the break dancer,  and Ignite model helped spice up the scene. Overall, the total team effort of everyone involved to create the video was a success as will be the final video.

Stephan Verdier’s Ride is Ready for Long Beach

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Formula Drift driver Stephan Verdier’s ride is wrapped and ready for the kick off event in Long Beach. “I’m really happy with the new engine and suspension set up. I even played a lot with springs, compression and rebound, and feel the car is quite a bit better than last year. I can’t wait for the first round of Formula D at Long Beach” says Verdier. Verdier is one of the few drivers chosen to be part of the Stark Motor Racing Team and will be rockin the Ironman 2 wrap on his Subaru this year. Along with the new wrap,Verdier is also sponsored by Ignite and will be running this top notch ethanol based race fuel this year. Verdier is definitely setup for success for the 2010 Formula Drift Pro Championship Season!

Formula Drift Team Stephan Verdier Racing Joins Forces with Ignite Fuels

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Ignite Racing Fuel is going drifting this year! Partnering with Stephan Verdier Racing, this Formula Drift team will be showcasing the power and performance that Ignite Fuel brings to the drifting world. Stephan will be using 114 Ignite Red during the complete 2010 Formula Drift Pro Championship Season. Stephan said it best when saying “We happen to be the lucky recipients of their 114 octane fuel, it’s like E85 on steroids.”  In simplicity E-85 on steroids is the best way to describe Ignite Fuel.

Courtesy of Stephan Verdier Racing

Stephan Verdier Racing joins forces with Ignite Fuel as a new partner for the 2010 Formula D Season. For the 2010 season the Stephan Verdier Racing Team will be going “green”, and we don’t mean the color. “We are happy to partner with Stephan and his team, and look forward to showcasing Ignite’s power in the 2010 Formula D Season,” says Reggie Henderson, President of National Biofuel Distribution.

Ignite Fuel was developed by a bio-fuel company specializing in race fuel called National Biofuel Distribution. According to Stephan Verdier, “I’m very excited about running an alternative fuel, it just goes to show you can go green and still go sideways. From what Ignite Fuels has told us they are unlike any other race fuel, providing an ethanol based race fuel that is not E-85. We happen to be the lucky recipients of their 114 octane fuel; it’s like E85 on steroids.”

With the extreme blend Ignite Fuels is offering, not only is it a green (healthy for the environment) but it allows Crawford Performance the option of making more power while keeping the engine temperature much cooler. In drifting we are always trying to find new ways to make more power, and overheating has made that a problem, especially when the drift cars are always sideways. With Ignite fuel we take care of both these issues.

The one concern Crawford Performance brought up was the consistency of the fuel. Ignite Fuels has made it very clear every batch is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent quality and/or grade level within every batch they produce. This is just one more advantage we will have over the competition in the run for the 2010 championship. Tracy Itzen, President of Itzen Media says “Ignite Fuel was created around listening to what the driver’s needs and wants were in a race fuel. Ignite Fuel is consistent, has already proven gains, and is affordable for everyone.”

In conjunction with the returning sponsors, Cooper tire, Clutch Masters, Subaru, Enkei, I-Speed, Turbo by Garrett, RMR, Stance, Sparco, Seibon, Apr, Gti we know we have a great opportunity at the championship this year and we can not wait for round 1 to begin. Long Beach Formula D April 9-10 2010

Ignite Race Fuel Sets World Record

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On March 14th, 2010 EddIgnite Red 114ie Bello of Bello Motorsports set a World Record at the Top Gun Run Miami Mile event. Bello was using 114 Ignite Red racing fuel in his 3.6 liter twin turbo Porsche 911 and now holds the record for the world’s fastest Porsche in the standing mile. The gains and performance shown by Ignite Racing Fuels are pretty impressive to say the least.

“I broke the world’s fastest Porsche record at the Top Gun Run Miami event finishing at 236.6 MPH. I ran 23 pounds of boost with 114 Ignite Red and with VP Import I would normally run 30 pounds of boost. I ended up running faster and got a lot more power with Ignite in comparison to VP Import . I probably ran at least 1100 horsepower. I just got some new injectors to take to the track in Texas next weekend where I plan to run at 30 boost with the Ignite 114, this should definitely get me up to 1300 horsepower,” says Eddie Bello. When put to the test, Ignite Race Fuel has definitely proven their credibility within the racing industry by allowing Eddie Bello to capture the world record for fastest Porsche in the standing mile.

Who is Ignite?

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The latest development in the world of fuel technology, Ignite Racing Fuel is a clean burning and high octane fuel that provides the cooling affects of traditional alcohol fuels but lacks the top shelf prices you’d expect from a high performance fuel. Formulated by top chemists and produced by National Biofuel Distribution, Ignite Racing Fuel provides another choice for today’s budget minded and patriotic performance enthusiast. Yielding gains of “18 foot pounds of torque over the top brands of 110 octane race gas”, proven by Willy’s Carburetor, Ignite Racing Fuel provides racing teams the ability increase power, reduce emissions, and save money. Read more at Tampa Sports Car Examiner.

Source: Michael Berenis, Tampa Sports Car Examiner

Ignite Racing Fuel used by ARCA West

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February 6th, 2010 sales and marketing arm of ARCA West, Itzen Media officially announced that Ignite Racing Fuel will become the title sponsor of the ARCA West Series today. Ignite Racing Fuel will be replacing previous title sponsor MAC’s Convenience at the start of 2010. MAC’s will continue to partner with and support the ARCA West Series as an official sponsor. President of ARCA West Richard Michaud says “it’s a pleasure to welcome Ignite Racing Fuel to the ARCA West sponsor family and is honored to support the green initiative.”

The ARCA West Series runs through the Pacific Northwest all the way up through Western Canada hosting Champion stock car racing for over 10 years. Traveling through Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Canada, ARCA West provides vast diversity to race fans and sponsors.

This multi-year program provides National Biofuels Distribution (NBD) the exclusive rights to promote the new brand of racing fuel Ignite through ARCA West. Ignites sponsorship will add $10,000 to the Late Model Series Championship for first place and will increase the Sportsmen Championship winnings by $4,000.

“Taking the time to understand and listen to the performance needs of our customer and being proactive towards a transition to alternative North American fuels is the philosophy behind Ignite’s success,” says Reggie Henderson, President of NBD.  Ignite Racing Fuel is the first company to produce a consistent blend of ethanol race fuels that increases horsepower and torque and allows racer’s a wider range of tuning options for maximum performance. Ignite Racing Fuel is manufactured for NBD exclusively by a single sourced Mid-Western partner, which is one of the few ethanol plants with direct injection capabilities. Blends are consistent and certified from batch to batch with a full-time lab, monitoring quality and conducting audits for accuracy.

“The world of green racing is about to change, Ignite takes racing fuel to a whole new level,” says Tampa’s Sport Car Examiner. 100% American made and 100% green, Ignite is specifically formulated for high-compression, high horsepower, off-road, and ethanol equipped fuel systems. From a performance perspective, ethanol blended fuels are by nature a high-octane fuel. Ignite Racing Fuel gives the opportunity for the race car to run smoother, cooler, add power, increase torque and acceleration all at a lower cost per gallon.

“We look forward to our partnership with ARCA West,” states co-owner of Ignite Jay Berry “We are all very enthused over what Ignite has to bring to the racing industry. This sponsorship gives Ignite the opportunity to showcase the fuels ability and let the results speak for themselves“