Ignite Race Fuel Sets World Record

On March 14th, 2010 EddIgnite Red 114ie Bello of Bello Motorsports set a World Record at the Top Gun Run Miami Mile event. Bello was using 114 Ignite Red racing fuel in his 3.6 liter twin turbo Porsche 911 and now holds the record for the world’s fastest Porsche in the standing mile. The gains and performance shown by Ignite Racing Fuels are pretty impressive to say the least.

“I broke the world’s fastest Porsche record at the Top Gun Run Miami event finishing at 236.6 MPH. I ran 23 pounds of boost with 114 Ignite Red and with VP Import I would normally run 30 pounds of boost. I ended up running faster and got a lot more power with Ignite in comparison to VP Import . I probably ran at least 1100 horsepower. I just got some new injectors to take to the track in Texas next weekend where I plan to run at 30 boost with the Ignite 114, this should definitely get me up to 1300 horsepower,” says Eddie Bello. When put to the test, Ignite Race Fuel has definitely proven their credibility within the racing industry by allowing Eddie Bello to capture the world record for fastest Porsche in the standing mile.

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