Ignite video shoot

The day started early as the airport was cleared and people started arriving. A warm sun, 10 to 15 mph wind from the southeast, and vast opportunity awaited just around the corner. Several vehicles ranging from JDM drift legends like Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan 240sx, Hyundai Genesis, and Mazda RX-7 all there to tempt the likes of Converse municipal airfield. With a rough surface composed of broken concrete, gravel, and dead vegetation from winter, the drifting was quite spectacular.

The shoot wasn’t just a production event, everyone from the community chipped in too. An aircraft and vintage tractor showed up to help with the sets by help of local citizens in support of Ignite. A special guest appearance by the concept car Caccia, Dez the break dancer,  and Ignite model helped spice up the scene. Overall, the total team effort of everyone involved to create the video was a success as will be the final video.

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