Ignite vs. E85

April 16th, 2010 Team Itzen captured exclusive footage as Ignite 108 was put to the test vs. E85 at Modified Auto Designs located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owner of the popular Honda Civic VTEC, Gabe has been running E85 pump gas for quite some time now and to be honest, he was quite hesitant on having his Honda participate in the test. “It’s not that I am not worried about the quality of Ignite, it’s just that I am currently running E85 and I honestly don’t think there will be any difference between E85 and Ignite race fuel” he says. After a motivational talk by tuner and friend Jason Barrett, the Honda is on the dyno ready to go. First test was run on the dyno with E85 pump gas showing front wheel 210.9 horsepower. Next the E85 was drained from the Honda and switched to the 108 Ignite Race Fuel. With only a few short runs on the dyno and minimal tuning, they extracted 219.5 front wheel horsepower when using Ignite.  An 8.6 gain in horsepower on a naturally aspirated engine is incredible to say the least. What is the difference between Ignite Racing Fuel and E85? The difference is that Ignite yet again proves superiority… Read More

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